It all started at Happy most successful stories do.

4 different personalities with 4 different styles, after 4 glasses of Rosé...Decided to turn their love for Fashion, Fitness and Fun into a brand that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The 4 Labels name came from the diversity of our personalities; Sporty, Eclectic, Cheeky, and Playful. Teaming up with our Stylish friend Kiki was a great idea and has completed the family.

Everyone on the 4 labels team has their own unique voice and personality, but we all come together to create one unique brand. Get to know each of us below!

Meet the Team

Rafy Romero

I go by FIFO and I am  the Dreamer, the Adventurer, the Kid at Heart! I move to the beat of my own drum.  People say I'm a good dancer, but don’t let my innocent look fool you! there is no game when it comes to the business dance.

Luis Aguilar

The Big Teddy, of the Group.

Someone that always sees the positive of any situation & tries to always have fun.  I may not look approachable, but if you get to know me we will have fun.  I like the beach, food, gym, food, naps, cycling, socializing, food, and champagne.

My idea for the company is to make clothes that show a little fun, even before they come off.

-- bear hugs

Thomas Michael Corn

My name is Thomas, some feel more comfortable calling me by Thomas Michael Corn, and they say it has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Adoring the fashion world, I’ve been in the industry for many years surrounded by all the beauty it has to offer as well as the opportunity to meet the amazing people that make up this community.  Traveling since I stepped out of the womb, I’ve been privileged to visit many places and been exposed to many different cultures. I have a zest for life, friends and especially Rosé.

Jon Kowalsky

My name is Jon, but my friends call me DaDa. I have a diverse background in private service, professional sports, retail and hospitality.

I consider myself a jack of all trades and have surrounded myself with my amazing friends who have now become my co-founders. Although I can let my hair down and have some fun, I always pride myself in the details and tend to focus on being as organized as I can.


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